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Coffee for one

9 Oct

Soft jazz echoes throughout the small café, traffic thunders by outside as a light breeze blows through the opening front doors, two ladies enter, their heels tap against the dark floorboards. An ornate chandelier hangs from the elaborate ceiling,  lavender slumbers in vases on each marbled table top and the elegant seats where I sit by the large window a rich purple.

I people watch, a Cappuccino sits in front of me as a delicious dark chocolate & Coffee truffle passes my lips , I have never really noticed how many women are crippled by their shoes, turns out there is quite a lot. 

Favourite Smell; Melting Chocolate
Favourite Sound; House, Lounge and chillout music
Favourite to your sense of touch; Frogs and Petals
Favourite Flower; Cherry Blossom
Favourite Bird; Peacock