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13 Oct

“The blossoms of spring are blooming and the city air heavy as the day has been surprisingly warm, Cafés overflow onto the side walks and music is carried by the wind. The perfect day to sit, coffee in hand”

With winding streets of cobblestone, a rich history and gorgeous architecture, Edinburgh is easily on my list of cities across the world that inspire me.  I have fond childhood memories of the city, spending days at the castle with my mum and learning to spell “Edinburgh”, and going back to visit family recently was no different. 

Whilst I could tell you about the fascinating history of the dungeons or Mary Kings Close, I have chosen to tell you about something that sparks a delightful little fire in my heart,  Tigerlily cocktail bar. 

As you walk in the entrance your heels tap against the tiled floor, chandeliers hang from a high opulent ceiling, and ornate wallpapers decorate the wall. Mixing vibrant colours and décor in keeping with the buildings historic architect, Tigerlily strikes a balance between old world elegance and modern refinement. 

Walking past the bar you come to an indoor courtyard area with exquisite grand chairs with cushions of rich purple. Sitting down with my Aunty and mum we had much to catch up on, years of the smallest details missed. Whilst I cannot recall the name of the various cocktails we consumed we did enjoy them all and I was delighted with the presentation and glasses they came in.

If you ever find yourself stumbling along George St Edinburgh in desperate need of some inspiration and a cocktail or few, allow yourself to be emerged in the extravagant and intoxicating world of Tigerlily.

Tigerlily, 125 George Street Edinburgh



Coffee for one

9 Oct

Soft jazz echoes throughout the small café, traffic thunders by outside as a light breeze blows through the opening front doors, two ladies enter, their heels tap against the dark floorboards. An ornate chandelier hangs from the elaborate ceiling,  lavender slumbers in vases on each marbled table top and the elegant seats where I sit by the large window a rich purple.

I people watch, a Cappuccino sits in front of me as a delicious dark chocolate & Coffee truffle passes my lips , I have never really noticed how many women are crippled by their shoes, turns out there is quite a lot. 

Favourite Smell; Melting Chocolate
Favourite Sound; House, Lounge and chillout music
Favourite to your sense of touch; Frogs and Petals
Favourite Flower; Cherry Blossom
Favourite Bird; Peacock

The Confiserie

8 Oct

Blossoms bloom under the soft spring sun, birds sing to their loves as a light breeze playfully flirts with my dress. People chatter in the cafe courtyard, cutlery clatters, the rich smell of coffee lingers in the air. A child plays by the fountain and squeals with delight, trees bathe on the sun drenched patio. Spring time is here, a new season, new memories and new delights. A fresh page.

 From perfume and coffee to chocolates and lace, “The Confiserie” will be a new chapter in my writing and blogging, a space simply dedicated to the things that inspire me.